Suzanne S. Bailey, Intuitive Healer & Energy Coach

Suzanne S. Bailey, 

Intuitive Healer & Energy Coach

Only YOU know YOUR journey. Only YOU know YOUR medicine. My gift is facilitating the connection between you and your divine guidance.


My passion is spreading love and light and bringing people home to their inner healer and guru. By moving out of pain and suffering we find our power and it was in us all along.

 I can't wait to meet you and help you find your way home.  

What To Expect In Your Micro Session

What's Up For Healing Micro Session is a 15 - 20 minute call for us to get to know one another and experience if we will be a good fit to work together. 

 Each session is a customized combination of modalities that are best suited for each client. 

I get quick results and you will learn tools and techniques to become your own healer and guru. We ALL have the power to heal within us.

Divine Micro-Healing Audio

This audio is infused with divine healing energy from source. You will be guided through a meditative healing process, to which you will bring your request for healing. Use it as often as you wish for any issues that need healing. Source is energy is always available to us when we surrender. 


For scheduling your What's Up For Healing Micro Session I want to offer this special added bonus, my audio recording "Divine Micro-Healing"


Mindy S.

I was recently was told I need to have a breast biopsy due to a suspicious area found on my annual mammogram. Because of a strong family history of breast cancer the news left me feeling anxious. I decided to have a healing session to work through my fears. I had heard from friends about Suzanne’s work as a healer and I called to have a session. I am so glad I did! During the session Suzanne asked me a number of questions that really made me look deeper into my beliefs around ‘cancer’. By answering those questions ( most of which I would never have thought to ask myself) I was able to see where some of blocks were. Suzanne used her skills, her love and her presence to help me clear those blocks, beliefs and fears and by the end of the session I was feeling an incredible amount of peace. I felt sure that everything was going to be fine. I am so grateful to Suzanne for the the gift she has given to me. Even though I have not had the biopsy yet, I am still feeling calm and confident. Not only does that continue to bring me great peace but As a healer myself it reminds me of how vital that is to support your body’s ability to heal.

Aki O.

You can feel her warmth and calm energy from the moment you meet her. She is one of the few people that I know who are very special in that way. During the session, I was surrounded by a peaceful air, removing all the unpleasant feelings. I could really rest my mind and body and let go entirely. She helped me both physically and psychologically. My first session was when I was injured with quite a few stitches. She calmed not only physical pain, but also emotional anxiety associated with it. Lying down on a bed, I was covered with a blanket of her soft energy. The next morning, after a deep long night sleep, the injury was so much calmer and no longer causing sharp pain. It was as if my wound had a healing patch over it helping it heal from inside. With or without physical injuries, I always felt my mind was more settled and leveled after her sessions. This is probably because she does not merely fill your body with her healing energy, but she also helps to activate your own energy so that you can stay more aligned and aware of your own state. I love seeing her periodically for these reasons. I would recommend her to everyone! Aki

Debbi M.

I had been suffering from trauma from a surgery a few years back as well as some resentment around challenges in my family. Suzanne really helped me move and release so much negative emotion in just a few sessions. Wow, what a great week I have had. I have felt so much lighter. So much freer. So much happier. Suzanne gave me some exercises to do to that would help purge the negative emotions but it has been a week now and I haven't really had any emotions to purge. When they do start creeping in I am able to shift to positive thoughts which I was unable to do before. It is amazing. Thank you so much for helping me make this major shift! 

I want to share my audio recording "Divine Micro-Healing" as a special added bonus!

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By accepting this session with Suzanne S. Bailey, you agree take full responsibility for their health and well-being, with the understanding that she is merely a facilitator of change and growth. You acknowledge that Suzanne S. Bailey is not a state-licensed physician, or mental health professional, and she will not diagnose or prescribe medicines or medical treatments